The Enhanced Rifle Master

The original American made and machined Ransom Rifle Rest has been Enhanced for the heavy rifles . Designed to give maximum stability. The Rifle Master is manufactured from a grade of cast iron specifically chosen for its resistance to vibration transmission. The base includes an instrument grade level so the Rifle Master can be leveled precisely to compensate for bench variations: everything is designed to bring the Rifle enthusiast a tool for shooting that is portable, accurate, and simple.


Designed to be adaptable and upgraded for your situation at hand. The Enhance Rifle Master has added a threaded major column so no need to slide that major adjustment up, The Enhanced has a threaded Major Column with a larger diameter hand wheel for ease of adjustment. Each Rifle Master is fully changeable and adaptable with many bag plate options, windage adjustable bag plate options, and Quick change plates options, to allow many different bag plate and bag assembly’s. Designed and approved for Competition. USA original. The original Rifle Master from Ransom is designed to be for a life time and beyond.

The Ransom Rifle Master Enhanced

The American Original

The difference is quality, and attention to detail. As with all products from Ransom International Corporation, every factor that influences accuracy has been considered and optimized in the design of the Rifle Master. Proudly designed and made in USA the Rifle Master has designed for Competition Bench Rest shooting. Approved by FCSA and shooter associations for competition .


First of all, the Ransom Rifle Master is heavy. Weighing from 16.75 to 19.5 pounds (depending on accessories), the Rifle Master represents a rock-solid platform for evaluating the accuracy of your rifles. Weight and mass are important factors for stability, resistance to vibration, and even possible movement from the bench. Major castings of the Ransom Rifle Master are formed from a carefully-selected metal alloy; an alloy that is designed to minimize harmonic and residual vibrations under actual shooting conditions.


The central elevation mechanism consists of two large-diameter columns fitted to tolerances of .0001 inch, and hardened to retain a tight, precise fit. On the Enhance Rifle Master Both Columns are threaded and 2 hand wheels installed. Even the shape of the threads used for elevation were carefully taken into consideration: Acme-form threads are employed, on the major and minor column due to their superior stability under load-bearing conditions.

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