Windage Base

Ransom Master Series Base Plate® is a sure and steady base to mount your Ransom Master Series Combo Rest to.

The Master Series Windage Base

The Windage Base is a 2-piece unit the bottom portion of the windage base mounts to your base plate the top portion is machined flat and parallel, with all mounting threads and adjustment marks machined perpendicular at very tight tolerances. We suggest that it is firmly attached to a base. Or the Ransom Master Series Base Sold separately, hardware screws are supplied with the windage to attached to a wooden base if you choose

We recommend 1inch thick plywood, with 1x1inch wooden strips at the front and rear of the wooden base to isolate the Windage base from twisting forces that may be applied when the base is clamped to the shooting bench. Make sure the wooden base that you design is firmly clamped to the shooting bench, and that the bench itself is sound and secure. C-clamps represent a quick, easy and portable method for clamping the wooden base to the shooting bench.

Windage base, with mounting screws/ hardware.


Note: If you don’t see the manufacturer or model of your pistol on our website, we have an option to order blank grip inserts.


If you don’t see the grip insert you need. Please contact us. We are adding new grips all the time and we may have it or we may have a solution.


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The top Portion of the windage base is mounted to the bottom of the Master Series Rest® using the machine screws provided. Once the Master Series Rest® is mounted to the windage top, using the machine screws provided. then the top is mounted to the windage bottom with the 3 foot ball knobs provided


Master Series Windage Plate® allows for horizontal adjustment of the Master Series Rest® without removing the rest or bench to re aim or having to re bolt down rest. Making the accuracy test repeatable and more accurate. when sighting in target or multiple targets or doing target clusters , then adjusting and doing another cluster..very useful in that regard also

Adjustment Marks

Loosen the two rear football knobs, and using the marks at the rear of the Windage Plate you will see adjustment marks. Using those as reference, and zero is marked, you are able to accurately adjust left or right a few degrees. Effectively changing target aim location by quite a bit. Now depending on the distance of target aimed at depends on how much adjustment is needed. The two side round adjustment knobs are used together to adjust left or right. and are used for the adjustments, and the fine adjustments. Please note when adjusting the round knobs, if you are tightening one you must be loosing the other round knob to properly adjust left and right. Adjustments are all done snug tight and hand tight method. This is using your hands only with the knobs installed and provided no tools needed, this makes things quick simple reliable.