The Rifle Master Tester Mega 2


We are excited and proud after couple rigorous years of testing to finally release The Master Series Mega 2, Or what we like to call it .. The Rifle Master Tester, From Ransom International


The Master Series® Mega 2 has been designed to give maximum stability and hold for virtually any hand held rifle. This Ransom Rest is actually a machine that has been designed to give maximum accuracy at a minimum cost. It uses a proven concept in its recoil absorbing system. The trigger pull mechanism is also proven in concept and simplicity. Everything was designed to bring the shooter a tool for testing that is safe, portable, accurate and simple. It is a precision, passive device that holds, fires, and recoils as nearly like the human as possible.


It eliminates the human inconsistencies that ordinarily make rifle testing unreliable. The Ransom Master Series Mega2 Rifle Tester Rest is the only machine rest we know of to successfully accomplish the goal of precise, repeatable rifle accuracy testing.


At this time due to shipping and location the Rifle Master Tester Mega 2 direct order only. Contact us via email or phone call for quotes and lead times to the correct locations.



We all wanted a machine to accurately test rifles and remove the human error. One of our main purposes for designing this was to allow local state and federal law enforcement the ability to safely fire confiscated, unknown or dangerous weapons at a safe distance. While we achieved our goal we wanted to keep in mind this machine was to have the ability to fire and test not just any rifle or some rifles or types of rifles but all rifles and styles, It also had to be repeatable accuracy. We wanted to design and build a machine which would sustain our Ransom International reputation for American quality, American engineering, and design at minimum cost to you. There were many hurdles and challenges in the design and test stages, one main challenge to Ransom was to make the machine simplistic yet robust in design allow for solid rigidity of machine but float the rifle like a human does. The machine had to as well be very durability and long lasting. This machine was not only a challenge to achieve and accomplish it was also a legacy for Ransom International Corporation.


Ransom has a legacy. It is the original American pistol and rifle shooting rest company, with the international standard for accuracy testing handguns. Along with a world renowned world record holding rifle rest, our products are being proudly used by military along with federal and state agencies. Chuck Ransom, founder and inventor was approached by a government and military test facility to build such a Rifle testing machine for their purpose to hold fire and recoil any rifle.


This Master Series Mega 2 rest is fulfilling this challenge that Chuck Ransom was working on to complete. Chuck Ransom once said “this rifle test machine was possibly, impossible, to be able to hold safely and accurately all rifles, given all the different rifle styles”. This was a task and challenge he finally agreed to take on. Chuck was trying to design and manufacture one for the test facility. This was shortly before his unexpected passing.


After Chuck’s passing, the documents and designs had to move on and stay with the government test facility. His design thoughts and detailed information have been lost with time. The agency did eventually find a manufacturing facility to get their machine completed and it has served that testing facility’s purpose.

Ransom International Corporation still believes, now more than ever, there is a need for such a machine. So the Ransom team got to work designing and building a Rifle testing machine. Over 14 years after Chuck Ransom’s first design, we are proud to release for sale the new 2018


Ransom believes the Mega 2 Rifle Tester to be one of the best investments as a rifle shooter, or laboratory tester, or ballistic agency or police or government agency can make. Not only is the price of machine way cheaper than any accident report. With ammo prices at an all time high this will allow a steady platform to Dial in your sights optics and test any hand held rifles repeatability accuracy or function with that ammo. Mega 2 is designed to be portable or bolted permanently, the Mega 2 is built for a lifetime of use, proven to be accurate and secure platform.

Ransom Master Series Mega 2 Rifle Testing Rest®

Portions of the machine are manufactured from different grades of alloy specifically chosen for their strength, their resistance to corrosion and/or vibration transmission. Once again everything on the M2 was designed to bring the rifle enthusiast a tool that is safe, accurate, dependable, and trusted.


This product is proudly made in the United States for use here and abroad. We back this product with instruction manuals, online video and phone support. It is our goal to have our customer’s needs and expectations met or exceeded.


This machine as it is, and as was designed to be as adaptable and adjustable as possible to support the widest range of firearms. Machine comes complete and ready to test. Comes with standard Mega 2 front and rear clamp pads and ratchet straps to adapt to all possibility’s. Ransom Master Series Mega 2 as is, will handle what you can throw at it. We realize we do not know every situation or event or desire of the individual and environment or firearm being tested, Therefore we do have a few bolt on options for specific needs or requirements .

Please note these options mentioned bellow are specific and are not needed for most all applications. Machine options/ upgrades at this time include, if ever needed or desired that is. One option is a shot gun adaptor, second option is a barrel mounted adaptor to hold actioned barrels instead of the fore stock, this adaptor is useful for barrels with action and no stock mounted..( Please note this option only available to gunsmiths) Also another option is a front bag adaptor to change the front clamp assembly to a standard bag plate assembly, for what reason would you do that? We don’t know , but that is there if ever desired. Please note The bag plate is only if desired and this will hold standard leather bags like our other rifle rests. and this option does change the intended purpose and function of the machine. These are just options for individual applications or specific purpose. As mentioned the machine by itself and as designed and in stock form is fully adjustable and adapts and holds all hand held rifles including bull pups, SBR or in some case pistols like the Draco or Sig Rattler or similar. Options mentioned above are for specific purpose or in the case of the bag plate will change the machine intended purpose.


We here at Ransom and the Company’s including firearm manufacturers and US agency’s who have tested this machine have found nothing else on the market today compare to it.

The General Features of the Mega 2 Rifle Rest

Mega 2 Components

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Currently they are in stock, but this product moves quickly, if not in stock can have up to 3 week lead time. Call or Email for complete price and availability, please include your complete shipping address, also include if address is a business or residential address, due to product ships freight. product 130 lbs. max total palliated weight can be up to 220lbs.


Mega 2 is priced at $4,474.60 but total price for product, can vary only due to freight/shipping location can very greatly. Buy now while the sale price lasts.

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