The Rifle Master Rear Rest

The Most Accurate, Stable and User-Friendly Rear Rest Available

The Rifle Master® Rear Rest provides a stable platform for any caliber rifle. A tri-dimensionally adjustable rear rest which is suitable for even the .50 BMG rifles. It was designed to be used with any Master Series Rifle Rest, But original design was in conjunction with the Rifle Master Enhanced for .50 BMG Rifles. This design was to meet the need for stability for heavy BMG rifles, the base is made from harmonically-dead cast iron, chosen specifically for its resistance to vibration transmission. The rear rest is adjustable in height with elevation screws which are locked in position with lock rings. Windage adjustments are made using the windage adjustable bag plate. Everything was designed and refined in conjunction with champion .50 BMG shooters, with the intention of bringing the most accurate, stable and user-friendly rear rest to the .50 BMG Rifle Shooter.


  • Accessories

    Custom Rear V bag filled

    V Bag used for most sporting rifles with narrow bottoms


    Regular: bag measures approximately 1-1/2″ – 1-3/4″ in between the ears

    Medium: bag measures approximately 2″ – 2-1/2″ in between the ears

    Wide: bag measures approximately 2-3/4″ – 3″ in between the ears

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    Windage Quick Change Adapter and Rails

    If you have a windage upgrade on your Rifle Master. This Windage QC adapter and rails will allow you to quickly change between rifle bag plates on top of your windage. This QC will allow you to change out your bag plates on your windage in just minutes, without affecting your bag adjustments, fit for your rifle, or removing your windage. It also allows oversize plates on your windage. Many plate sizes are available.

    Windage Bag Plate

    The Windage Adjustable Bag Plate comes stock on the Rear Rifle Master Rest where we designed most of these left right adjustments to be made from. You can have a secondary windage bag plate option. This is handy for multiple bag sizes shapes or setups. Most cases you would just use a Windage QC adapter for adding multiple bags on the top of your windage but for those who may want a secondary Windage bag plate option it is available and easaly added.

    Windage Adjustment Bag Plates Allows precise lateral adjustment of the bag plate assembly. Invaluable option for competition. The Windage bag plate is equipped with a Q.C. ( Quick Change) adaptor at bottom of the Windage to quickly mount or change to the Rear Rifle Master And the Rear Rifle Master is equipped with the QC plate to accept this adapter.


  • Harmonically-dead, cast gray iron body
  • 3 Base Leveling Screws for precise positioning of the rest
  • 3 Leveling Screw Lock Rings for securing the position of leveling screws
  • Windage Adjustable Bag Plate: approximately 1″ inch total side-to-side adjustment
  • Circular level for leveling the rest
  • Quick change plate & adapter for mounting the windage plate


  • Weight: 12 lbs. *
  • Height: 3″ to top of bag plate side rails *
  • Rise: 1 3/4″ total elevation adjustment *
  • Windage: 1″ total windgage adjustment
  • Length: 12″
  • Length: 12″, Width: 8 1/2″, Height: 3″ to top of bag plate side rails