The Ransom Multi Cal. Steady Rest

The Ransom Multi Cal Steady Rest For Hand Guns and Rifles

We wanted to design a useful, adaptable, purposeful, steady gun rest. A stable but light-weight, robust yet portable steady rest. Simple. Adjustable. Something that can be used, abused and reused. Built for a lifetime of use. Something that can be used by shooters of all skill levels – from beginner to expert.


Many inexpensive rests are available in the marketplace now and we wanted to offer you an option of an all-American, fully machined steady rest for rifles and pistols.


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    Additional Optional Accessories

    V-Sock for Multi-Cal

    This is the most needed upgrade for the Multi-Cal Steady Rest and is recommended for most users.

    This V Sock slides over the front V block just like a sock does. This V sock allows a little more padding and protection. Very handy option for Semi auto handguns. This sock allows protection and a little padding not only on the bottom of the V but in front of the V block. Thus, allowing the shooter to push the gun forward to allow the trigger guard to bump against the V block. This extra padding can be used as a forward battery position or forward stop. Thus allowing 3 points of contact when gun testing or stability is paramount. Revolvers have cylinder blast so Not used as much with revolvers as we use it and recommend it for semi-Auto pistols and use with all rifles.


    Price is $20.00 sold separately or $18 when added to your Multi-Cal. order.

    High Density -vs- Standard Pads

    High Density Pads

    This pad is slightly more dense and slightly thicker.

    This pad is an upgrade option for those who may want more padding. this pad is not necessary for most all uses the stock pad typically does everything you will ever need it to do. Options are nice and for those who may want a little more padding this option is available. Photo shows high density pad next to standard pad for comparison.


    $20.00 with the Multi-Cal order or $25 separate.

    Small V-Block

    This small V block is designed for handguns with weapon mounted lights or lasers located under the front barrel.

    Typically, these lights or lasers are located on a Picatinny rail. causing the gun to set higher in machine therefore we designed a lower V block to accommodate the added furniture on the gun. This small V block can also be used for really small pocket compact carries like a See Camp 380 or 32. Most all sub compacts work great in standard V block.

    Small V block added to order: $32.00 , Sold separately: $36.00

    1911 CT V-Block Adapter

    Laser adapter for 1911s with Crimson Trace laser grip panels.

    This is an adapter that fits the standard V block. The adapter is notched to allow the Crimson Trace laser on 1911s to pass the V block and hit the target. This allows testing and zeroing 1911s with laser grip panels. This adapter is Ambidextrous and sold separately.

    Rubber Feet

    Adjustable and removable rubber feet are included with the Multi-Caliber Rest but are also available and sold separately.

    Rear Bags

    Rear Bag Available in Bunny or Rabbit-Ear Styles.




The Ransom Multi Cal. Steady Rest in manufactured from good American made Aerospace grade 6061 Aluminum. The Aerospace Material is brought in house and fully CNC machined. We decided on solid Aerospace cert’ed bar stock to be used not only for its weight but its life long use. The resultant machine is a combination of carefully chosen design features and materials. Designed to Last a life time as well as no other purchase would ever be required. If you ever need a a different color or wanted a new leather pad or leather strip, Machine was designed so you can DIY it ( do it yourself) if wanted to. You can customize it to your liking.


Now Of course we sale it in various colors as well as options upgrades, but it was designed so once you buy one. It is all you will need for your arsenal. We believe it is like no other rest because it is the only one to identify and solve the defined problems. Heavy but small portable yet robust as well as adaptable and DIY capable for your needs and steady rest purpose.


Light, yet solid base for supporting a wide range of firearms. Adjustable elevation V-Block to fit a wide range of sizes, styles and firearm uses.


The V-Block is machined to allow a wide range of barrels, stocks and pistol frames to be supported while being cushioned by the leather to prevent harmonic vibrations and damage to firearm. Base is also drilled and taped to accept a Bi-pod so you can stand and shoot. The V block removes to mount to a Mono pod or walking stick for hiking or hunting .


The Multi Cal Steady Rest is just like all our Ransom Products it is fully backed by Ransom International. For parts or service please contact Ransom International directly we offer many services and replacement parts if ever needed, also upgrades are available. For any ideas or improvements just contact us. Designed to last a life time but also fully supported. Just because it may come in inexpensive does not mean it should break. Neither should it mean no support. This is designed to be robust as well as to be fully supported. Stranger things have happened. If machine ever gets shot, Ran over or falls off a truck. If for some reason it did get damaged parts and replacements are available. Some rests you will have to replace. This one you can fix.



V block can be mounted towards rear ( standard ) for semi autos or towards the front (opposite) for revolvers.

Features and Use


Versatile adaptable and useful, this machine should adapt to many uses and ideas. Designed to be used and abused. Designed to go with you. Not just a steady rest but a tool to keep around and be used for many purposes and reasons.

  1. Works on Bench or Other Flat Surface
  2. Works prone
  3. Works on tri-pod
  4. Clamp to table or truck bed
  5. Used for training
  6. Used to practice
  7. Rear pad can mount wide or long.
  8. V block can be mounted or rotated to either side for Semi auto or Revolvers.


You can store your Multi Cal Steady Rest in a standard military issue .50 cal. Ammo box. To place the rest into this ammo box, place rear of the rest into the box, with front tilted up. Ensure rear is against rear wall, then tilt front down into box. To make it very secure, adjust V-Block up so light contact is made with lid when lid is fully locked down. Towels or cardboard can be used to shim steady rest and protect from scratching.



There are 3 options for mounting the Steady Rest to a tripod or monopod.

  1. Base – The base is threaded the common 1/4” -20 on the underside to allow mounting a standard quick connect to a tripod. This is best for pistol use to allow support of the shooter’s hand.
  2. Upright – The upright is threaded with the common 1/4” -20 on the underside to allow mounting a standard quick connect to a tripod. It can also be mounted to a monopod or threaded walking stick. Mounting this way will still allow fine elevation adjustments using the V-Block.
  3. V-Block – The V-Block is threaded with the common 1/4” -20 on the underside to allow mounting a standard quick connect to a tripod. It can also be mounted to a monopod or threaded walking stick. This allows only the V to be mounted so it is lighter and used for more purposes as well as hiking and hunting
  4. Tripod – recommendations are fluid head tripods that have a pan and tilt. Not a ball head tripod. You can use just about any inexpensive tripod available that has pan and tilt. The Weifeng tripod we sell is on our website is not recommended for the Multi-Caliber rest. This tripod is used for the Labradar.