SL Mega Rifle Rest

We asked some of the top FCSA (Fifty Caliber Shooters Association) and NBRSA (National Bench Rest Shooters Association) shooters: “What would you want in a rifle rest?” – Here it is. A high caliber bench rest 36 inches long, 15 inches wide, 3/8″ plate steel. Approximately 90 pounds (basic Rest) Rhino coated for protection and vibration dampening.


The Front Plate is drilled and tapped for front to rear adjustment of the Elevation Block. Two 1/4″ screws attach the Elevation Block to the Front Plate. And, the Elevation Block has a level embedded in the block allowing the Front Plate to be leveled separately from the Rear Plate. Attached to the Elevation Block is a 2″ diameter Major Column. This, in turn, holds a 1.25″ Minor Column threaded with 10 turn in 1 inch Acme Thread for precise adjustment using the cast iron Elevation Wheel. The Front Plate also has three 1/2″-20 hardened Base Leveling Screws with knurled Locking Rings.


The Rear Plate has our Windage Adjustable Bag Plate in our new Quick Change Plate. Remove four screws and change the Windage Adjustable Bag Plate from Right to Left hand windage adjustment. Or, change to another Bag Plate altogether. Three 1/2-20 hardened Base Leveling Screws with knurled Lock Rings. And there’s a level embedded in the center of the Rear Plate.


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2 Separate Plates

Two separate plates, the Rear, Windage Plate, and the Front, Elevation Plate, connected with a removable Bridge Plate. Some shooting disciplines allow the front and rear rests to be connected. Some don’t. The Ransom Rifle Master SL Mega Rest can be used both ways. Set up at the range, then remove the Bridge Plate. That allows you to precisely align the Front and Rear Plates. Or, if the rules allow, leave it attached. Also, it makes the Mega Rest easier to carry to the firing line.

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The SL Mega Rifle Rest has been Used by
Many World Champion Shooters

The SL Mega Rifle Rest has been Used by Many World Champion Shooters

The SL Mega Rifle Rest has been used for 40 years in competition. In that time it has been used by many world champion shooters to win championship matches or to set world records in light and heavy gun. As a worthy competition rifle bench rest, it has pioneered many copies/replicas over the years, but holds strong as a genuine Ransom Rest. American made and backed by Ransom. You do not just buy a product. You buy a tool – a machine – that will last for you and the next generation, that can adapt to the situation and upgrade as you need.