Remote Cable Pull

Ransom Master Series Base Plate® is a sure and steady base to mount your Ransom Master Series Combo Rest to.

Our main goal was to provide one more level of safety and one more way to remove human error. One main benefit to this system we noted is the trigger return spring when the tiger pull/ trigger finger is set right, with a small gap between the trigger and the pull finger. The trigger pull spring will release the pull finger the second your hand comes off the pull lever, therefore returning the pull finger fully away from the trigger exposing that small gap, therefore nothing is then touching the hair-trigger.

This has been noted as needed as when you get to very light trigger pulls like on match grade guns, let’s say under 3. LB trigger or so. On those rare occasions the trigger LB may not have enough push to return the stock trigger bar properly, but with this Remote cable the trigger LB is not necessary, the return spring handles that. Therefore, even the lightest trigger or the hair trigger can be tested safely. It is still recommended as always when doing your setup do multiple dry fires to check all fit form and function and safe operation before loading any firearm.


  • Addons

    Trigger bearing used on trigger finger. Remove the rubber boot on the trigger finger and replace it with this roller bearing. This bearing is handy as it provides a roller surface across the trigger finger instead of having the boot. Originally designed or used for revolvers with heavy pull and long trigger travel. But can be used with all guns.

Note: If you don’t see the manufacturer or model of your pistol on our website, we have an option to order blank grip inserts.


If you don’t see the grip insert you need. Please contact us. We are adding new grips all the time and we may have it or we may have a solution.


You can find out more about these options by calling us at 928-778-7899.


You have excellent trigger feeling with this remote and it is recommended for all setups. Obviously, the standard trigger bar will handle what you can throw at it, but this remote is such a creature comfort many who use it love it and rely on it.

Follow all firearm safety guidelines. And Ransom Rest Safety guidelines when using the Ballistic Remote Cable Pull System. Care and attention to detail is always recommended when around firearms. Always Return the rest to battery before firing your next round. This is still the operator’s responsibility.

The handgrip and trigger pull lever along with the cable and housing are made in the USA by other manufacturers. The handgrip bar, trigger cable pull bracket, and trigger pull lever are all made and machined by Ransom International Corporation. Brackets are then gun blackened. All products are then assembled and tested all right here in AZ USA.

Designed for Ballistic Testing

This remote cable pull system is designed for ballistic testing. The Ransom Team got together and designed and built a system specific for the ballistic testers and law enforcement who wanted to fire dangerous or unknown firearms at a safe distance. This cable pull is a direct bolt on upgrade to our Master Series handgun Rest, Regardless of the year of your rest this will retrofit and bolt right on.


Simplicity & Durability

This Remote Cable Pull System is by design simplistic and is proven in function and durability. It is the perfect upgrade for those interested in discharging the weapon at a safe distance or for those who may find them self’s testing various Ammo grades or heavy load or barrel pressure tests. It gives the operator great trigger feeling throughout the trigger pull.