R.A.T. – Ransom Assisted Trigger System

The RAT System by Ransom International was designed with an idea and a passion taken from the concept and design of the Veterans Affairs Puff Trigger.

Everyone has long wanted an electronic trigger to remove human error or involvement when testing guns. Whether it was for accuracy testing or test firing a dangerous or unknown weapon. Having the ability to attach and use a safe alternative trigger option is appealing to many. Although the core foundation of the Veterans Affairs Puff Trigger concept and design was a different in its goal. It was to extend the capabilities of a segment of disabled American Veterans. Veterans who have the knowledge of weapons or air soft guns but may not have the mobility or dexterity to fire such a weapon, needed the ability to do so.


The foundational idea of an electronic assisted trigger that enables people to overcome obstacles is what really supplies the motivation for us here at Ransom International. It gave us the needed drive to become involved with the vision and do something about it. We wanted to help finalize the veteran’s desire and the VA idea to make the vision a reality. And, we wanted the reality to serve the widest possible constituency.


With the advent of a new system, disabled veterans or individuals with mobility limitations have the ability to become part of a community event or groups that participate the sport of target shooting. Ransom has now completed this “puff trigger” project and we call it the RAT (Ransom Assisted Trigger ).


The RAT now gives any such individuals, who has the desire to be involved with and compete in a shooting sport or as simple recreation familiar to them, the ability to do so. Also, the RAT brings with it the opportunity to be plugged into a community like air gun competition or bench rest shooting. And finally, for any similarly disabled individuals, the RAT opens the possibility of industry employment opportunities in firearms testing in ballistics, criminal labs, ammunition research, etc., etc.

Why would you need a R.A.T. System?

This Ransom Assisted Trigger ( RAT) System is able to attach to a wide array of air guns paint ball guns, Rifles, bolt actions and semi autos. It also attaches to cCompetition style or recreational style guns and air soft guns.

Limited Mobility

The RAT system is used for people who need the assisted trigger due to a possible mobility limitation.


The RAT was designed to also be used on a few selected handguns for training purposes by instructors for training reasons like removing flinch or training for proper grip or gun hold or trigger pull during firing.


RAT can also be used for Testing or for sport, when accuracy shooting, Bench rest shooting or target shooting.

Unknown Weapon

The RAT can also be used as a safety trigger when needing to function fire unknown or dangerous weapons when the gun is properly secured in a rest or machine.

Features and/or Differences of the
RAT Basic and RAT Pro

Features and/or Differences of the RAT Basic and RAT Pro

The RAT comes in two operational “flavors”, Basic and Pro, and currently, 3 colors. The color options are Desert Tan, OD (military) Green and Battleship Gray.


Both Basic and Pro utilize an E-Stop (Emergency Stop) shut off switch could also be called an emergency kill switch. When the E-Stop switch is engaged, the power is OFF for all operations of the device, including the main box and Trigger Finger Bolt (Servo Motor). Battery power still is still on, as indicated by the light, but does not connect to any operational components.


Both Basic and Pro RAT utilize a power button that lights up when battery power is on. This momentary power button powers up the BMS. (Battery Management System).

Both Basic and Pro RAT utilize two options as actuators/switches to control servo fire position. The main actuator is a puffer switch connected to a puffer tube/hose attached to the puff port. The secondary actuator is a 3.5 mm plug port. The 3.5 mm plug port will accept custom secondary button actuators of choice, and currently push button or foot pedal switches are available for this actuator function.

The Basic RAT utilizes a simplified set of features and preprogrammed functions for setting the zero position and fire position. Keeps things easy.

The Pro RAT utilizes more adjustable user set of features and functions. It can set Zero Position, Servo Reverse Position, Ready Position, Dwell Time, and Fire Position. These positions and functions will be defined in the manual .


The Basic RAT System utilizes a Potentiometer over program position. The Potentiometer overrides the program and it sets the zero (Trigger finger) position, which should be set close but not actually touching the gun’s trigger. Once actuator is activated by the puff of air or the push of the button, the servo will travel the full rotation of its travel (fire position) and then return. In the Basic RAT you can adjust zero position with the Potentiometer, but full rotation of travel is set by program and is not user adjustable on the Basic RAT.

The Pro has more user adjustable parameters controlled by program through a touch screen to set these parameters. Adjustable features are labeled on the Pro touch screen and include Zero Position adjustment, Trigger Hold (shooter ready) Position adjustment, Dwell Time for Hold (Ready) Position adjustment, and Fire Position adjustment. And a Servo Travel Reverser check box to reverse servo travel (trigger pull direction).


The Basic RAT system functions from Zero Position to max travel when actuator is activated one time. The Pro RAT will travel from Zero Position to Trigger Hold (Ready) Position when actuator is activated one time. It stays at Hold (Ready) Position for a certain time frame that is set and adjusted by end user. A second actuation in the allowed time frame will set the Servo to full travel. If there is no actuation in that time frame, it will time out and trigger a default and return the Servo to Zero Position just in front of the gun’s the trigger.