Master & Mega Mats

The Ransom Master Mat and the Ransom Mega Mat Are top quality gun cleaning mats. These mats provide a firm, yet cushioned work surface for working on all kinds of precision parts and assemblies. These mats are an ideal surface for disassembling precision mechanisms such as those found in firearms.


All Ransom Mats are highly resistant to gun cleaners and lubes including most all petroleum-based solvents, and brake fluids.



Acetone and MEK class solvents will soften the material of the mat if allowed to remain on it for any length of time. Wipe these types of solvents off the surface as soon as possible.


To clean your Master or Mega mat, washing with soap and water usually does the trick. Cleaners like rubbing alcohol work well, WD40 has also been noted to clean and or remove smudges, It has been noted spilling your hot coffee on the mat also cleans it. Standard household spray cleaners work well also dish soap is a good choice.


The mat can be burned or stained. Note some things are permanent.

  • Permanent marker is permanent on the mat
  • Stickers are permanent.
  • Hot plates or things over 200 degrees can affect or burn or mar the finish on the mat.
  • Mat material is rated around 350 degrees but some excessive temperatures can affect the mat. Heat is never recommended.
  • Oils or cleaners left on the mat for a long time can also have a stain effect if left on and not cleaned off after use.


The Ransom Master and Mega mats are designed to be used and specifically designed to protect your workbenches and tables while keeping your parts and assemblies organized. Whether you are rebuilding a carburetor, working on a RC car, cleaning a gun, or your wife has an arts and crafts project the Ransom Mats are a valuable tool to have around.

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