Longshot Camera

Ransom Master Series Base Plate® is a sure and steady base to mount your Ransom Master Series Combo Rest to.

Target Vision LR-3 2Mile UHD

The LR-3 Ultra HD is a portable, battery powered, wireless target camera system that can be viewed from a phone or tablet. This target camera has a range of 2 miles and a run time of 12+ hours. Longshot is the perfect companion for long range shooters, competitive shooters, and people who are looking for a more interactive and entertaining shooting experience. This unit is able to clearly see .17 caliber bullet holes (and larger) at any distance up to a mile. TARGETVISION consists of two pieces, the camera/transmitter and the receiver. The camera sits down range about 10-15 feet from the target and can be moved within that range to adjust the field of view. The receiver sits next to the shooter on the ground or shooting bench. The TARGETVISION LR-3 Ultra HD is the Ultra HD version of the long range camera system from LongShot. The LR-3 Ultra HD operates the same as the LR-2 model, but has two key differences: the camera is upgraded and the range guarantee is increased.


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More Details and Features

This is an excellent tool to have to document your shots on target if you are accuracy testing with the Mega 2 or Pistol Rest, or if you are bench rest shooting with our Rifle Rests. This system allows you to document and view your shots easily and without a spotter. Allows for measurement between bullet impacts without going down range, all wile allowing you the ability to record your group shots and or tests.


LONGSHOT’s wireless, portable, and battery powered target camera systems set up adjacent to your target and 10-15 ft. back; the camera can be moved within that range to adjust the field of view. Since the long-range wireless camera is positioned down range by the target, you’ll never have to worry about fighting a mirage to see your shots again. With a runtime of 12+ hours, LONGSHOT LR-3 cameras allow you to view the target remotely on your tablet or phone via an easy-to-use free app (track and number shots, save photos, review sessions, record video and stills). No cell or WiFi service is required. You’ll have live HD video at your fingertips, making it easy to see where your shot are hitting. Seeing your shot has never been easier.


  • Straight Shooter 2-Mile Guarantee
  • CrispEdge 2688 x 1512 HD Imagery
  • All-Axis Camera Adjustment
  • OverObstacle Design
  • Blinker Shot Locator
  • Patented “Go the Distance” Link Technology
  • Includes: Camera, Receiver, Hard Case, 2 Tripods, Charger

Seeing Shots In Black

Seeing shots in the black of a paper target can be difficult at times, especially if your target camera doesn’t have enough resolution or sits at a poor angle to the target. Longshot target cameras sit further back from the target, have twice the resolution, and twice the range of any other target camera on the market.

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