Forensic and Ballistic Testing Machine

Master Series Forensic / Ballistic Testing Machine

The Forensic and Ballistic testing machine is an addition to our gun rest lineup that is specifically designed for local, state, and federal law enforcement. For over 52 years, Ransom Rests® has been known for providing the most versatile durable and robust gun testing machines and rests on the market.


Master Series Rests have been designed to give maximum stability and hold virtually any handheld gun or rifle. A Ransom Rest is known as the industry standard for accuracy testing. Attesting to this is its worldwide use by almost all gun manufacturers, ballistic testers, law enforcement, and the military.


At this time due to shipping and location the Forensic Ballistic Machine direct order only. Contact us via email or phone call for quotes and lead times to the correct locations.

A Safe, Accurate, and Dependable Testing Machine

Portions of our new machine are manufactured from different grades of alloy specifically chosen for their strength, their resistance to corrosion,. Everything is designed to bring the tester and enthusiast a tool that is safe, accurate, dependable, and trusted.


We are proud to say that our product is manufactured in the United States for use here and abroad. We back this product with instruction manuals, online video, and phone support. It is our goal to have our customers’ needs and expectations met or exceeded. Check our website for adapters, upgrades, and options for this product. This machine was designed to be as adaptable andadjustable as possible to support the widest range of firearms. If you have an idea for improvements or changes, please contact us.

The General Features of the Machine are as Follows:

The Ultimate in Safety During Forensic and Ballistic Testing

There is a need for testing curious unknowns, relics, confiscated, or dangerous weapons. And these important tests must be done safely and at a distance. When testing any firearm testing, you should employ a one-time-purchase machine that is:


Robust, designed to be adaptable to a widely various set of needs


Designed to accommodate a wide array of handheld guns

Adaptable Over Time

Designed to withstand the test of time and allow growth or adaptability as guns change

The Ransom Master Series Forensic / Ballistic Testing Machine is designed for all the above and even more purposes for future application. It is adaptable to all manner of pistol and rifle shapes and sizes and will hold, fire, and manage the recoil of all handheld firearms.

Flexible and Adaptable Forensic / Ballistic Testing
for Handguns and Rifles

Flexible and Adaptable Forensic / Ballistic Testing for Handguns and Rifles

We all wanted a machine to safely test rifles and handguns while

removing human risk.


One of our main purposes for designing this system was to allow not only ballistic or gun testers, but also local, state, and federal law enforcement the ability to safely fire confiscated, unknown, or dangerous weapons from a safe distance. Aspiring to reach our goal, we chose to focus on a machine with the ability to fire and test, not just some rifles or handguns, or certain types of guns, but virtually all handheld guns. We wanted to design and build a machine which would sustain our Ransom International reputation for American quality, American engineering, and state-of-the-art design at minimum cost to you. This machine was not only a challenge to develop and achieve: it was and is the legacy of Ransom International Corporation.

Flexible and Adaptable Forensic / Ballistic Testing for Handguns and Rifles

This Forensic Ballistic testing machine is fulfilling the challenge that Chuck Ransom was working to complete before his passing.

An American Original

The Ransom Legacy: Ransom International Corporation is the original American pistol and rifle shooting rest company, with the international standard for precision and accuracy testing of handguns. Along with a world-renowned and world record-holding rifle rest, our products are being proudly used by military along with federal and state agencies. Chuck Ransom, founder, and inventor, was approached by a government and military test facility to build a rifle testing machine able to hold, fire and handle the recoil of any gun.


This Forensic Ballistic testing machine is fulfilling the challenge that Chuck Ransom was working to complete before his passing.


Chuck Ransom once said, “Such a testing machine seems almost impossible: a system able to safely and accurately hold all guns of all different styles.” But this was the task and challenge Ransom Rest agreed to take on.


Ransom International Corporation believes, now more than ever, there is a need for such a machine. So, the Ransom team got to work designing and building a rifle testing machine. Over 14 years after Chuck Ransom’s first design, we are proud to release for sale the new Forensic/Ballistic Testing Machine..

Forensic and Ballistic Testing Machine Instruction Manual will only be emailed at purchase or for replacement printed manual contact Ransom


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