Base Plate

Ransom Master Series Base Plate® is a sure and steady base to mount your Ransom Master Series Combo Rest to.

  • Made out of 3/8 thick steal plate that has been laser-profiled, CNC machined, precision drilled, and thread-milled
  • 4 elevation knobs with a bubble level in the center allow for easy leveling
  • Rino-lined for durability and protection
  • Elevation knobs/threads blacked to help prevent rust (oiling periodically is still advisable)
  • Plate is apx 18×15 in, is 30lbs
  • Base plate is machined for Rest with windage or a Combo Rest not drilled for the Basic Master Series Rest


Note: If you don’t see the manufacturer or model of your pistol on our website, we have an option to order blank grip inserts.


If you don’t see the grip insert you need. Please contact us. We are adding new grips all the time and we may have it or we may have a solution.


You can find out more about these options by calling us at 928-778-7899.

Securing It

The flat top on the 4 knurled knobs allow for easy c-clamping to any shooting bench. 4 clamps are preferred, but on any given bench the idea is you can get to at least one corner of the bench, therefore allowing for 3 c-clamps on any bench. Of course 4 is preferred, but 3 c-clamps will hold this securely.