The Master Series
Pistol Rest

The Master Series Pistol Rest

Only machine to successfully accomplish the goal of

ultimate precision with natural, human-like motion.

Only machine to successfully accomplish the goal of ultimate precision with natural, human-like motion.

The Rifle Master

The original American made and machined Ransom Rifle Rest is designed to give maximum stability.

Master Series Forensic

An addition to our gun rest lineup that is specifically designed for local, state, and federal law enforcement.




Original, American-Made, Top Quality, Pistol Rests and Rifle Rests


Ransom Rest pistol and rifle rests are designed to provide maximum stability for virtually any handheld firearm. Ransom shooting rests are machines designed to give the user maximum accuracy at minimum cost. The Master Series pistol rest uses proven concepts in its recoil absorbing system which closely replicate a shooter’s hand. The Master Series trigger pull mechanism is also proven in function and simplicity. Ransom products are designed to bring shooters tools for firearm testing that are safe, accurate, portable and reliable.


Ransom Rests are used to test pistol and rifle accuracy capability by removing the error associated with human handling. Our main purpose for designing Ransom Rests this way was to allow law enforcement organizations the ability sight in their own guns with pinpoint precision and to safely fire confiscated or potentially dangerous weapons from a safe distance. While we achieved this goal, we also wanted to ensure the Ransom Rests had the ability to fire and test not just some rifles or handguns, but ALL rifles and handguns.


Ransom has a legacy. It is the original American pistol and rifle shooting rest company, becoming the international standard for accuracy testing of handguns and producer of a world-record-holding rifle rest. We are proud that our products are being used by US military along with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Ransom International has a reputation for American quality engineering and manufacturing resulting in flexible, robust products at minimum cost to you.



Refurbishing Services

Is your Ransom Master Series Rest or Ransom Rifle Master worn and tired looking? Send it back for refurbishing. We bead blast and re powder coat, re blue the steel parts and return your Rest to “like new” condition

Machining services

Ransom International offers many services from a full Machine Shop we do custom and prototype machining along with full production runs we make parts for many customers and product lines Prototype R&D even full assembly’s


The International Standard

Our Master Series Rest has become an international standard. Ransom Master Series Rests are used by all major handgun manufacturers for accuracy and repeatability testing. The Master Series Rest is used for testing handgun accuracy as well as ammo accuracy and load consistency.

Absolute Precision

Simply stated: The Ransom Master Series Rest represents the handgun shooter we all wish we could be. It is a precision, passive device that holds, fires, and recoils as nearly like the human hand as possible.

Eliminates Human Error

The Ransom Master Series Rest eliminates the human inconsistencies that make hand-held handgun testing unreliable. If the major gun and ammo manufacturers use a Ransom Master Series Rest…then why aren’t you using one?