Upgrades and Refurbishing

Refurbishing Services

Is your Ransom Master Series Rest or Ransom Rifle Master worn and tired looking? Send it back for refurbishing. We bead blast and re powder coat, re blue the steel parts and return your Rest to "like new" condition. "Fair wear" parts are replaced as part of the refurbishment. Missing or damaged parts will require additional cost. Normal turnaround is two weeks.

Refurbish Pricing



Ransom Rest Refurbishment $156.03 plus
Windage Base Refurbishment $ 64.09 plus
Ransom Rifle Master Refurbishment $185.21 plus


Ransom International offers many upgrades Upgrade of Ransom Rifle Master® to enhanced version Includes new major column, hand wheel, 7" side rails and other parts. This is the dependent upon which Rifle Master model is being modified. Original parts are returned and can be replaced on the rest to return to the original configuration. Upgrades are done factory direct. For upgrades or add on's give us a call or email us

Ransom products can be ordered direct from Ransom International,  or from any Ransom distributor.

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