Ransom Master Series Base Plate®


Ransom Master Series Base Plate® is a sure and steady base to mount your Ransom Master Series Combo Rest to.

Made out of 3/8 thick steal plate that has been lasered profiled  then CNC machined, precision drilled ,and thread milled

4 elevation knobs top and bottom that have been cnc machined and knurled along with a bubble level in the center allow for easy leveling of the platform base

The flat top on the 4 knurled knobs allow for easy c-clamping to any shooting bench. Now 4 clamps are preferred but on any given bench the idea was you can get to at least one corner of the bench. Therefore allowing for 3 c-clamps on any bench,of course 4 is preferred but three c-clamps  will hold this securely to the bench

Rino lined at a pricy cost but this is for durability and protection and looks great

All elevation knobs and threads have been Blacked to help prevent rust but just like a firearm oil periodically is preferred

plate is apx 18″x15″ and is 30lbs

A very nice addition to any Master Series Combo Rest

Makes it easy the way things should be



Picture of the shop rest with windage on a baseplate with the Remote trigger pull


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