Ransom Master Mats® & Mega Mats®

Gun Cleaning Master Mat Ransom
Gun Cleaning Master Mat Ransom

The Ransom Master Mat is a firm, yet cushioned work surface for working on all kinds of precision parts and assemblies. It is an ideal surface for disassembling precision mechanisms such as those found in firearms.
Measuring 19 inches by 11 3/8 inches, the Master Mat has a ribbed edge at its borders to contain any fluids that may be spilled in the course of cleaning and repair. the Master Mat is relatively unaffected by most gun cleaner, carburetor cleaners, paints, varnishes and brake fluids.
The ribbed border also effectively prevents small parts from rolling off the work area. Ribbed compartments are also molded into the top edge of the Master Mat, so small parts can quickly and easily be placed safely away from the main work area.
Price: $28.39 . Call or email for quantity Pricing.

Your wife may find out how handy the Ransom Master Mat is for other uses.
We now also offer the Mega Mat. This mat is a little larger than the Master Mat. The Mega Mat measures 15″ x 21″. Like the Master Mat, it has a ribbed badge at the borders to contain fluids that may spill in the course of cleaning and repairs. (Photo coming soon.)
Price of Mega Mat is $41.85 each plus shipping. There is a price break if you order 5 or more, 20 or more, or 100. Call for price break.


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