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Ransom Rests around the world !!!

Ransom International would like to hear from you. from the Ransom users around the world. We have started a blog to more cater to the Ransom community. and open up communications and discussions .

 So we would like to hear from you. How you use the Ransom Rest in the different places around the world, how it suits your purpose . Why others could benefit from a Ransom Rest. How you mount the Ransom Rest, Why was a Ransom Rest the suitable tool for you. This does help- others to decide if they want to buy one, and it allows ideas of mounting and various uses and accuracy Please leave us positive comments .

Ransom would appreciate  pictures of you using a Ransom Rest or even a Ransom Mat  in various places and applications around the world. So Please send us  pictures and or video and we will be happy to put it on our website if you would like ,also  if you would like your info included please give us that info and permission to use for security reasons we suggest just initials and or a location and or nicknames whatever sounds best to you. We would appreciate this.

Please feel free leave a comment here about our Rests and if you would like it on our website page on front please email pictures and or video and  or comments to