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Mounting the Ransom Master Series Rest ..


rest and gunmounted
Gun Rest mounted

Tips for Using the Ransom Master Series Rest
We suggest your Ransom Master Series Rest is firmly attached to a wooden base. We recommend 1inch thick plywood, with 1x1inch wooden strips at the front and rear of the wooden base to isolate the Ransom Master Series Rest from twisting forces that may be applied when the base is clamped to the shooting bench. Make sure the wooden base that you design is firmly clamped to the shooting bench, and that the bench itself is sound and secure. C-clamps represent a quick, easy and portable method for clamping the wooden base to the shooting bench. The wooden base used for the Ransom Master Series Rest should be level. If the rest is not level, accuracy and repeatability of shooting tests may be affected.

We Want to here from you. How are you mounting the Master Series Rest Let us know in the comments. Some Mount to the table some even to a 55 gallon drum of concrete?