More info demos and seen around the web


Ransom Rest Demo


   Combo Rest Demo and Info From 76 Highboy Reloading


50  Cal SL Mega Rest


76Highboy Reloading



Nice video from MJSteelfabraction you will see a Ransom Master Series Enhanced  Front Rifle Rest and Rear Rest


Nice wow H&K video….A new video from H&K

if you watch closely You May see a Ransom Rest



Streamlight – Live Fire Testing with Gun Mounted Lights



Accuracy X Inc


  Brass Fetcher




Gun Blast



Shooters Rest



76 Highboy Reloading



1911 vs Katana






Watch Slow Motion Video of 1911 Reliability: Firing at -65 Degrees


Here are some nice pictures and discussion around using the Master Series rest with Glocks.


Guns And Ammo