hand Gun Rest Ransom Master Series
Ransom Master Series Rest® Includes mounting screws and related hardware. $414.30
gun rest Windage Base for Master Series Rest
Ransom Windage Base® for Master Series Rest® Includes mounting screws and related hardware. $232.58
Ransom Master Series Hand Gun Rest Combo Rest
Ransom Master Series Combo Rest® Combines the Ransom Master Series Rest® and Ransom Windage base® into one unit. Includes mounting screw and related hardware. $581.97
Ransom Rifle Master® - Standard Includes Standard Bag Plate standard stop no end plates $534.37
Ransom Rifle Master® - Standard with end plates. Includes Standard Bag Plate standard stop, end plates $574.87 add competition stop like picture total $597.25
 Rifle Rest Ransom Rifle Master Quickchange
Ransom Rifle Master® Quick change® – Includes Standard Bag Plate Q.C adapter and Q.C plate and standard stop, Price: $586.70 add competition for end stop and end plates $636.70
Rifle Rest Ransom Quick Change Plus
The Quick Change Plus will include the Windage Adjustment Bag Plate, Adjustable End Plates and the Competition Forend Stop, and bag of your choice between the #1, #2, or the #3 bag.$885.30 . add the 5x8 plate, and large end plates like picture, $895.70 with no bag included
Rifle Rest .50 Rifle Master Ransom
Ransom Rifle Master® -Quick Change Plus® enhanced for .50 BMG Rifles $904.78
Rifle Rest Rear Ransom
Ransom Rifle Rear Rest ® $545.64
Rifle Rest SL Mega Rest Ransom .50 BMG
SL Mega Rest® .50 caliber rest with Standard 3x7 Plate and bags $1,396.80
Gun Cleaning Mat
The Ransom Master Mat® Price: $27.04 Price of Mega Mat® is $39.85 ask about quantity pricing
Ransom Grip inserts

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